Jody Weis

Jody Weis has served his country in the US Army, the FBI, and with the Chicago Police Department. He is the only person to have led a major FBI field office and the nation’s second largest police department. As a leader, he has been a passionate believer in training, and has emphasized training throughout his career.

Mr. Weis was introduced to firearms at age six by his father. As a member of the NRA, he is a strong believer in the Second Amendment, and as a former law enforcement professional, he believes equally in responsible gun ownership. Being well trained in the use of a firearm and fully understanding the responsibilities and ramifications associated with carrying a weapon are essential for anyone considering carrying a concealed weapon.

Mr. Weis has more than 26 years in law enforcement, is certified as a State of Illinois and FBI firearms instructor, served as a SWAT Operator for the FBI, and has more than 10 years as a law enforcement executive at both the local and federal level. He is a frequent lecturer at the Stitch School of Medicine, Loyola University of Chicago, and the Northwestern University School of Continuing Education. He serves as a guest commentator for public safety matters both locally and nationally.

Illinois C&C Instructor ID:  CCT13B350

Illinois Firearms Instructor ID: 263-000436