Our Agents first and foremost are observers of human behavior. Being able to identify threats and make adjustments to improve the effectiveness of existing measures is what separates a Bodyguard from an Executive Protection Specialist. By using proven techniques and practices our Agents are trained to assess threats. Before any operation begins our Operations Center is gathering important intelligence and implementing an Operation Protocols plan which includes all the essential elements that will fully facilitate our clients needs. Nothing is left to chance. Confidentiality is essential to any operation and a necessary prerequisite for effective operations.

At Seldin Security Services all of our Agents have excellent client management skills and are chosen and assigned based on their years of prior military or law enforcement service with tactical operational backgrounds. Also our agents are experienced and vetted in Protection and adaptable to all situations and threats with the best interest in the safety and integrity of discretion of the protected client.Regardless of the assignment every operation is handled with the same care, planning and attention to detail. Whether we are ensuring the safety of a private citizen or a high level dignitary.