Tim R. Sautner retired from the US Navy in 2005 after 20 years of service. Trained in anti terrorism and physical security by the Marine Corps and Military Police. He served as Command Security Officer or Physical Security Officer positions throughout his naval career. Upon retirement Tim moved into the private security sector and served as Operations Commander at Great Lakes Naval Base prior to becoming the Director of Operations for Seldin Security in November of 2008. Tim is a NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for Pistol and Shotgun, and Patrol Rifle. He holds Firearms Certifier Credentials in both Illinois and Wisconsin and Senior Instructor Credentials with Monadnock PR-24 and expandable baton. Tim is committed to providing the foremost training available to our students, and trained Professional Officers to meet all Seldin Security clients needs.


Henry P.Rush III comes from a military and law enforcement background, with over 30 years combined experience. The later part of that time was dedicated to assignments as a Detective, Special Operations and a Response Officer focusing on covert organized crime and gangs. Prior to 2001, Henry worked in the field of private security on a part time basis and in February of that year became the full time Senior Investigator of a Chicago based private investigative firm. It is during that period that Henry performed subcontracted protection assignments for Foreign Entities and domestically for corporations in the Fortune 100 Group.

In the private sector Henry has successfully led executive protection details of high risk clients, investigated and brought civil and criminal cases to the courts for prosecution and instituted patrol tactics for security officers in the field. Clients of Training have been from Federal Agencies through Private Security Agencies.

As an Illinois state certified instructor and graduate of several law enforcement disciplines, Henry is a very strong advocate of consistent reality based training and ongoing continuing education.

Illinois C&C Instructor ID: CCT13B368

Illinois Firearms Instructor Number: 263-000159

NRA Law Enforcement ID: 11057155

ILEETA Number: 2279Henry P.Rush IIIHenry P.Rush III


Jody Weis has served his country in the US Army, the FBI, and with the Chicago Police Department. He is the only person to have led a major FBI field office and the nation’s second largest police department. As a leader, he has been a passionate believer in training, and has emphasized training throughout his career.

Mr. Weis was introduced to firearms at age six by his father. As a member of the NRA, he is a strong believer in the Second Amendment, and as a former law enforcement professional, he believes equally in responsible gun ownership. Being well trained in the use of a firearm and fully understanding the responsibilities and ramifications associated with carrying a weapon are essential for anyone considering carrying a concealed weapon.

Mr. Weis has more than 26 years in law enforcement, is certified as a State of Illinois and FBI firearms instructor, served as a SWAT Operator for the FBI, and has more than 10 years as a law enforcement executive at both the local and federal level. He is a frequent lecturer at the Stitch School of Medicine, Loyola University of Chicago, and the Northwestern University School of Continuing Education. He serves as a guest commentator for public safety matters both locally and nationally. 

Illinois C&C Instructor ID:  CCT13B350

Illinois Firearms Instructor ID: 263-000436


John Folino JR. has 15 Years with Chicago Police Department specializing in: 

Police Officer Tactical Officer 

Gang Intelligence Officer 

Homicide Detective 

Sergeant (Current Position) 

John also does film work as a technical advisior and teaches P.A.T.S Class, Police Actors Training Scenarios, at basic or advanced level.


Thomas Dillon has been involved in the military and law enforcement for over 35 years. He is a 1974 graduate of Loyola University School of Law and a member of the Illinois Bar.

In 1971 Tom was commissioned an Army Infantry officer and served on active duty from 1975 to 1979 as a Counter Intelligence Officer. He is a graduate of the Army's Airborne (1970) and Ranger (1976) schools and also graduated from an Army Law Enforcement Sniper School (1979).

In 1979 Tom joined the FBI and has been an FBI Firearm Instructor and SWAT team member for over 25 years. He was the Commander of the Chicago FBI 46 person FBI SWAT team from 2000-2006. Since 2001 he has conducted FBI tactical training in Armenia, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Hungary, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. He also has been heavily involved in protection assignment in the U.S. and overseas for both the Director of the FBI and the U.S. Attorney General. When not involved in the above Tom was a member of a Violent Crime Task Force consisting of members of the FBI, Chicago Police and Cook County Sheriff's Police. In 2006 Tom retired from the FBI after reaching the mandatory age. 

State certified training number 102

State of Illinois Firearms Instructor (CCT13B286)


Dominick Pizoli III is a Senior Program Manager with an exceptional background in Security and Mission Assurance, Integrated the following separate programs; Continuity of Operations (COOP), Antiterrorism, High Risk Personnel, Physical Security, Information Operations/OPSEC, Force Health Protection, Information Assurance, Computer Network Defense, Law Enforcement, Critical Infrastructure Risk Management, Emergency Management, and Fire & Emergency Services into one, overarching Mission Assurance Program for the Headquarters Dept of the Army.

An adaptable leader with outstanding verbal/written skills, business development problem solving skills, As the Senior Program Manager, was responsible for training, planning, executing, and leading a team of seasoned professionals. Most important are his people reading skills, his ability to adapt and make change management objectives for his customers which ultimately provides success and organic growth.


Daniel Collins has been in the safety and security industry for over 16 years. Mr. Collins received his degree in Criminal Justice and Private Protection Services. He is a highly recommend expert in the neutralization/disarming of threats and possess exceptional demeanor and skill in client/public relations. Mr. Collins is currently a Law Enforcement Officer in the state of Illinois. Mr. Collins supplies personal security services for celebrities, executives and at national award shows. He has an extensive background in specialized security operations, threat assessment and conflict resolution. He also has extensive training and knowledge in specialized security operations ad high-level threat assessments.